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Drew Sayer, PhD

Drew Sayer PhD

Drew Sayer is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences and Associate Scientist with UAB’s University Wide Centers including the Nutrition Obesity Research Center, Comprehensive Diabetes Center, and Center for Exercise Medicine. His past research centered on the effects of the quantity and quality of dietary protein on appetite and energy balance, obesity, and cardiometabolic health. He is also experienced in conducting randomized clinical trials to investigate the impact of dietary protein on cardiometabolic health and weight loss in adults with obesity and with type 2 diabetes. Dr. Sayer’s current research at UAB uses clinical research methodologies within the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) Framework aimed at developing new obesity treatment programs that are optimized for patient effectiveness, resource utilization, and sustainability. A major focus of his research program is to study the factors that contribute to the variability in behavioral weight loss interventions and conducting clinical trials that include adaptive interventions (e.g., Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials or SMARTs) to develop, rigorously evaluate, and ultimately implement personalized interventions to treat obesity.


Ph.D, Interdepartmental Nutrition Program, Ingestive Behavior Research Emphasis, Purdue University

Academic Appointments:

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition Sciences
Associate Scientist, Nutrition Obesity Research Center
Associate Scientist, Comprehensive Diabetes Center
Associate Scientist, Center for Exercise Medicine

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