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IWCR Guiding Principles

The IWCR is a global scientific study aimed at better understanding the opportunities and barriers for reducing the prevalence of obesity by collecting information from people who have experience with weight management in their everyday lives.  We seek to gather information on a wide range of weight management experiences, ranging from weight loss and weight loss maintenance to weight gain and inability to lose weight. The study, led by Dr Susan B. Roberts of Tufts and James O. Hill from U Alabama at Birmingham, is engaging a consortium of scientific centers around the world that have expertise in obesity and are able to grow the number of people who register for the IWCR.  The IWCR is much like a large multi-center trial with internal processes for participant recruitment, data collection, management, analyses, and publication, as well as for grant writing and other fundraising activities.  There is a central steering committee along with sub-committees charged with various elements of the study conduct and reporting.  The aim is to develop a global infrastructure and database representing diverse geographies, populations, economies and cultures.  The IWCR is establishing governance and operational procedures that meet the highest standards for integrity, ethics and transparency. 

Guiding principles: 

  1. Ethical conduct and unwavering adherence to the science, including the methods, data collection and management, analysis and reporting.
  2. Respect for IWCR registry members.  Every voice matters and every voice counts.
  3. Respect for IWCR collaborators.  Every region/population/culture matters, every experience counts.
  4. Transparency in governance and process. 
  5. Transparency in funding.
  6. Transparency in perceived conflicts of interest.

Our commitment:

The IWCR study team commits to upholding the highest scientific principles in the design and conduct of this study, including publishing results, regardless of their outcome.  We commit to upholding high standards of integrity, ethics and conflict transparency.  We commit to respecting all IWCR participants, their data, their privacy, and their stories.  We commit to respecting the global diversity of experiences, beliefs, opinions, cultures and societies that contribute as members and collaborators of the IWCR.  We commit to helping reduce the global burden of obesity.

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