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Help change the world of weight management.

Share your journey with us and help change the science of weight loss.
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Our Mission:

IWCR is a transformational research initiative to find healthy and successful weight loss and weight maintenance strategies from across the globe — helping everyone interested in weight control be more successful at reaching their goals.

This global research platform will break down barriers and bring people of diverse geographies, economies and cultures together to solve a major health challenge.

Together, we will build a global partnership, combining data-driven science with people-driven discovery.

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Help change the world for the better.

Global perspective

The missing puzzle pieces are hiding right now in the lived experiences of millions of people pursuing their weight management goals. We’re going broad and deep, partnering with you to find better answers.

Real World Strategies

Lab-testing one isolated theory at a time doesn’t align with weight management in the messy real world. That’s why IWCR is building the largest weight study ever attempted.

Join our quest

It is possible to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Many have achieved their goals. Many more could do it too, with access to the right strategies for their situation. The IWCR hopes to find the right strategies for every situation — with your help.

Your Story Matters. Are you:


You’ve achieved your weight goals. You’re living in balance, with a lifestyle that works for you and your health. Others could benefit from your unique experiences.



You’re still on your journey. You’ve lost some weight, and possibly gained some back. You know what doesn’t work, and some things that do work. You are learning. You have valuable insight to share from your experiences.



You’re ready to begin — or to begin again. You want to achieve lasting results with less struggle. You would like to participate alongside a diverse group of individuals interested in healthy weight control.


Whether you’ve lost weight and kept it off, had both successes and setbacks, or are just interested in healthy weight control — you have valuable insight to share from your experiences.

Join us because here, your story matters.

Join the IWCR study

Join us
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